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Audio Glitches
Last Updated 10 years ago

Audio Glitches

The occasional lost or garbled word is the nature of the technology. If one device or network link between you and our servers is just a tiny bit slow and causes a delay, the audio sent during that time is garbled or lost. This is also how your cell phone works (or not).

Most of the audio glitches we hear of are on the listener's end. Here's how to minimize them:
  1. Close any unneeded programs, especially programs that access the Internet
  2. If you're connected via WiFi, make sure you have a good signal
  3. Make sure others aren't maxing out your Internet connection
  4. Use a different web browser - we recommend you open a fresh window for the classroom
  5. If all else fails, we have Phone-In Numbers. Instructions to connect are posted in the Chat area of your meeting room. To help keep class costs down, please use as a last resort.

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