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- Email Policies Quickie -
Last Updated 8 years ago

TechSurgeons Offers email forwarding and accounts for most hosting tiers.

Email is provided as a nicety, it is not a core service. If you need professional email accounts, please look to Microsoft, Google, Zoho, or other paid email providers.

Our email server is -NOT- for sending bulk email to newsletter subscribers. Please only send non-automated email through the server. Using your email address for receiving replies from your newsletter is an acceptable use. If you need to send bulk email and don't wish to use a service like MailChimp, Amazon, or similar, please talk with us. We have a separate outgoing email servers which may be available for bulk email sending.

Configuring your email program or app is beyond the scope of hosting support. We'd like to, but it just takes way too much time. 

We ensure functionality of the email server and the standard features of our webmail application.

If we're aware of an issue with an email client, we'll do our best to document the issue, and post any workarounds.

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