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There are thousands of plugins for WordPress. Many of which are wonderful, some of which are not. We do our best to not any plugins, but some are not safe or appropriate for running on our servers. For instance plugins which use our web hosting servers to do Bitcoin mining.

Others are relevant to hosting, but treat our web hosting as if they were general purpose computer like your desktop or laptop computer. This would include plugins to massively convert your image files from JPG to PNG or the opposite. While it is hosting related and helps to optimize your site, doing so will make your site, and any sibling sites (sites on the same server) perform worse. If you must use our servers for this task, please be considerate of our servers and your peers - it's best to check with us before running those tasks and to ensure they're set to be as minimally impactful as possible. One image per 15 seconds or a break of 3-10 seconds per image would be best. And if the plugin can be set to run at a lower priority, please do so. (Come to us for assistance.)

This list is banned:
stops-core-theme-and-plugin-updates - prevents updates from even being manually done
- History of being hacked - open a ticket & we'll get you sorted with DB access
simple-history - Log everything a site does to the database
*phpmyadmin* - Exposes sites to greater risk of being hacked - open a ticket to get DB access

This list is strongly discouraged and might be manually removed by our team:
broken-link-checker - extreme database load
ewww-image-optimizer - extreme CPU load
wp-security-audit-log - extreme database load - writes every action on site to database

These plugins are iffy:
contextual-related-posts - heavy database load
- heavy database load
similar-posts - heavy database load
WordPress-gzip-compression - unneeded
yet-another-featured-posts-plugin - heavy database load
yet-another-related-posts-plugin - heavy database load
- heavy CPU load and runs even if site/server is busy during viral post

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