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Transferring Your Domain to our Management
Last Updated 8 years ago

We offer the management & renewal of one domain as part of each hosting plan. 

We do this as it makes it a little easier on us if we have to make changes to the domain's settings, and makes it easier on you as it consolidates the billing for hosting and the domain to just us, provides free privacy protections for the domain, and saves you from having to pay for the domain renewal.

As this is a nicety, and not a core part of hosting, we can not spend hours tracking down info and navigating your registrar's systems in order to transfer the domain to our care.

For us to take over management of the domain we need the following:

  • Domain privacy must be turned off - this is temporary. We'll change the info to us when the domain is under our control
  • The "transfer locks" on the domain must be disabled
  • Send us the "Transfer Auth-Code" for the domain to allow the transfer - your registrar may either print it on your screen or email it to us
  • Promptly forward all transfer related email messages from your registrar or GoDaddy to us as soon as possible. Since many of the codes in the emails are long strings of characters, please don't send screenshots
  • Approve any transfer request emails your registrar may send
If you provide us your login credentials for your account with your registrar, we can turn off privacy, disable the transfer locks, and possibly get the "Transfer Auth-Code".

If your domain is with GoDaddy, domain transfers are much more simple. In your GoDaddy dashboard, do an "Account Transfer" to account "techsurgeons" with the email address "".

Yes, it's a pain to do all this, but these mechanisms all exist to protect your domain from being stolen out from under you.


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