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Cloudflare Policy
We're not fans of Cloudflare. It places itself in front of our servers, which makes troubleshooting performance and reliability issues impossible. While it does lessen the bandwidth used by a site, it does not reduce the CPU, memory, and other loads on a site - therefore our "Resource Pack" concept still applies, but at a reduced rate to offset the reduction in bandwidth costs.

Worse, it prevents us from protecting sites against login and other hacks as we can only block Cloudflare IP addresses, not the IP addresses of the offenders.

Clients are not banned from using Cloudflare, but we require access to their Cloudflare accounts for both accounting purposes, and to have the ability to block attackers not stopped by Cloudflare's tools.

Failure to provide Cloudflare credentials, or changing a domain to use CF without notifying us may result in service interruptions.

 Last updated Sat, Jun 8 2013 12:00am

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