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You will pleased to know that we take back ups so you won't have to. In fact we don't just take one, we take many:

4x database backups a day - saved for 14 - 30 days
2x file backups a day - saved for 30 days
2x server backups a day - saved for 3-7 days

Twice a day - database and file backups are pushed to a remote location in case of disaster at one of our 2 facilities.

Note: Naturally, any reversion to an earlier point in time will mean that you will lose information from that point to present. Also if you need us to revert, PLEASE include in your ticket what your specific issue is as we may be able to just revert a database, and what day and time you'd like restored to. We'll take it from there!

**Our request to you: You can always send a ticket to have us to take a quick snapshot backup of your site, in fact please do! This is an easy and fast way for us to revert your site back. An example would be before you set out making changes to pages, editing, troubleshooting, or just updates to plugins. This is far easier to deal with than discovering something is not working several days later and need to revert back. And to make it a little easier on us, please include your domain name so we don't have to look it up. (Your email address doesn't map to a name our team and I can remember or to your site.)

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