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Flushing DNS Cache on an iPhone/iPad
Last Updated 9 years ago

iOS devices automatically cache the hostname of the websites they visit, so pages will load faster. If the IP address of a website changes, it takes some time for the iOS device to notice. To speed this update on your computer to get rid of the related “Page Not Found" errors try flushing your DNS cache.

There are three ways to flush the DNS cache on your iDevice.

1) Power cycle the iDevice. A simple reboot will clear it.

2) Enable and then disable Airplane mode. Tap the Settings icon, then swipe Airplane mode to On, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it off.

3) As a last resort (since this clears all saved network info), reset the iDevice's network settings. To reset Network Settings follow these steps:
    Tap the Settings icon
    Tap General
    At the bottom of the column tap Reset
    Choose Reset Network Settings

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