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Updating plugins, themes, Word Press version?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you are updating finicky plugins, themes, Word Press itself, or just feel safer even with the easier ones,  we recommend you start a ticket and ask for a snapshot of your site to be taken before hand. If something goes awry during updates, it makes it faster to revert it to that point in time. 

The best way to do your updates is safe plugins first, clear caches, (no more than 5 at a time), then have a look at your site to make sure things look right. Then move on to the less safe plugins (Woocommerce, Yoast, etc), save their settings, clear caches, and check your site again. Then the same for your theme if you choose to update it (re-saving Genesis's settings), then clearing caches, then checking your site again. Then at the END of all that doing WP itself, clear caches, and check your site. This isn't as much of a pain as it sounds versus a broken site. Take your time and go slow!

When it comes to updating WP, please know that the plugins will need to be compatible with it's version first. With the latest versions of WordPress (5.2 and forward) we're seeing issues arise from not doing the plugin and theme updates before doing the WP version update. So please take our words here in stride and update plugins and themes first. =)

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