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Updating old post(s)?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Occasionally we see issues arising from when someone has updated an old post or editing a recent one. There are several things to keep in mind in this situation. 

Akismet: If you encounter an issue and are using Akismet, then please deactivate it and see if that solves your problem. When you create or update a post, Akismet also checks them to make sure they're not spam - we're not sure if that's fully fleshed out on their part to protect anything, or if it's just a side effect of how they have to check comments. Either way, when they have networking issues at their end (or between us), their check times out and doesn't fail gracefully.

Since the comments are less of a real-time check that your post edits, it doesn't cause the same troubles for comments. I.E. Turn it back on if you're not changing posts, and they'll likely get it sorted in a day or so. (They've been moving data centers and it's been a lot of (mostly behind the scenes) pain.)  

Permalinks: You can change just about everything but this. If you have a post-name structure then you will have few issues doing the updates and can change most everything including the publish date, but you can't change the post-slug. The slug is what is associated to the title. Change that and you'll have issues. If you have an older permalink structure then don't try to update the date or the slug, unless you are familiar with creating redirects. With redirects you can add code (or request us to ) to the .htaccess file via FTP like this
Redirect 301 /old-slug/
Redirect 301 /another-old-slug/

But please be aware that you will lose share counts when redirecting.

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