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Windows 10 Mail App Configuration and link to MS sites instructions
Last Updated 3 years ago

1. Search for the app called Mail and click

2. Click + Add account or under "Manage Accounts" choose + Add account there

3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Advanced Setup

3. Click on Internet email: POP or IMAP accounts that let you view your email in a web browser

4. Enter in email address on first line and scroll down

5. User name and scroll down 

6. Enter your email password and scroll down

7. Account name Techsurgeons Email and scroll down

8. Send your messages using this name Name

9. Incoming email server

10. Account type IMAP4

11. Outgoing (SMTP) email server

12. Check mark the following boxes: Outgoing server requires authentication, Use the same user name and password for sending email, Require SSL for incoming email, and Require SSL for outgoing email.

13. Click Sign in

14. Click Done

15. Click on the Sync button and if you get an "Untrusted certificate" pop up, choose to connect anyway and click Continue


MS Support for Mail Link

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