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iOS: Fixing Errors when Sending Email - Enabling SMTP Authentication
Last Updated 5 years ago

For default email software on iDevices
1) Press HOME button
2) TAP “Settings” icon
3) Select the "Passwords and Accounts" button
4) Select the techsurgeons mail account
5) TAP "account" to configure
6) Scroll downwards to the bottom of the account setting
7) Under “Outgoing Server”, TAP "SMTP"
8) TAP on the mail server under “Primary Server”
9) Server must be “ON”
10) Fill in “Host Name” with your Domain’s Outgoing Server
11) Fill in “User name” with your Complete EMAIL ADDRESS
12) Fill in “Password” with your EMAIL PASSWORD
13) “Authentication” type is Password
14) “Server Port” should be fine with the default Port 587. If it isn't you can use 2525 (STARTTLS), 465 (SSL/TLS) or 25 (avoid if possible)
15) TAP on “Done” blue button on top corner right to confirm settings
16) TAP button on top corner left to go back to the account setting
17) TAP “Done” blue button on top corner right again to finalize account setting
18) Press HOME button to go to main screen
19) TAP on “Mail” icon and compose a test email to your own email address to test

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