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Email: General info on how we filter, and what to do if you think you lost an email.
Last Updated 5 years ago

Our customers use the same exact email as we do. In fact, your email account is created on our own business email server.  So if you think you're having an issue, we would be too.

Our general policy is that we'd rather have 20 spam messages delivered than have one real message lost. 

We have a fair amount of filtering in place to keep spammers from flooding mailboxes. The most simple 'filter' we have is that we expect the sending email server to follow the rules of email, and mail from those who don't are rejected.

After that, there are a few other filtering tools we use:

1) Greylisting - email servers that are new to us are "greylisted" for 5 minutes to see that they're real, following the rules, and not just facsimile email servers set up by bozos just for sending spam

2) Blocklists - we use the SpamCop blacklist to block known bad email servers.

3) Rules based filtering - we use tools like SpamAssassin and Amavis to scan for specific keywords in the email to determine if a message is spam (This is where the spam score you occasionally see are set.)

We keep logs of all email activity for 30 days. If there's a message or send you might think we blocked, just open a ticket and give us the email address of the sender, along with the date/time of the message, and we can see if any such email was attempted, and the result.

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